Giants playoff chances

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

The New York Giants actually have a chance to make the playoffs, but that looks more impossible than Joe Webb beating the Eagles, and the NFL playing a Tuesday night game.  Oh, wait..

With the Favreless Vikings riding the legs and arm of  Joe Webb, the Eagles are pretty much locked in as the three seed in the playoffs with the Bears playing as the two seed, even if they lose to the Packers.

Speaking of the Packers, they defeated the Giants so handedly that it’s pretty hard to see the Packers losing against the Bears on Sunday.  But you never know in the NFL, in a league where a third string QB beats one of the best teams in football.

Now, back to the Giants and they’re litany of problems.   The G-Men don’t deserve to make the Playoffs, with the way they’re playing.  Too me, whenever you need help to get pushed into the Playoffs, like a lineman pushing a running back into the endzone, you don’t deserve to compete against the best.  It’s even worse when a team is flopping their way into the Playoffs, like the Giants are trying to do.

Sure, the Giants have a lot to play for: their pride, coach, and with hopes of the Bears playing all their starters in a divisional game, against their most hated rival.  The only thing the Giants can do is take care of their business, which they couldn’t do when they inexplicably lost a 21-point lead with 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter against the Eagles, and got picked apart by Pro Bowl snub Aaron Rodgers.

If they win, and the Packers lose, they’re in.  But that doesn’t mean they deserve it.

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Giants D-line heating up

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Justin TuckThe New York Giants are back to playing the kind of football that has made them a successful franchise for decades.  The Giants defense is starting to dominate again and it all starts with the defensive line.

The front offices philosophy for years has been to go after defensive lineman in the draft, and they have sometimes been criticized for taking too many lineman.

It’s safe to say that the Giants D-Line has turned the season around.  They ran through the Chicago Bears offensive line and knocked out two of the Bears three quaterbacks.  Jay Cutler suffered a concussion and was unable to play on Sunday.  Nobody is rooting for a concussion but the giants are aggressive once again, and that is important.

With the defensive line creating pressure it allows the Giants to keep the linebackers in coverage because they don’t have to blitz, and it’s harder for receivers to get open.  Also, in the last two games the Giants have done a great job in stuffing the run, which then has led teams to long passing downs.

The one man who has already put 2009 in the rear view is Osi Umenyiora.  He has 6 sacks so for on the season, and even more incredible are his 5 forced fumbles.  He has been going after the football and that puts more pressure on quaterbacks more than thinking about getting hit.  They don’t want the ball out there for Umenyiora to knock down so they have to be aware of being careful with the ball while looking for a receiver to get open.

On the other side of the line, Justin Tuck has done a great job of stuffing the run, along with his 4 sacks on the season (3 coming against the Bears) he has 32 tackles.  He said before the game against the Texans that he was going to concentrate on stopping the run and worry about sacks later, and that’s exactly what he did.  Sometimes we look at sacks to analyze a defensive ends play, but stopping the run is equally important, just ask Michael Strahan.

It’s interesting that the line has dominated since Mathias Kiwanuka has been out with an injury.  He was leading the team with 4 sacks and it looked like he was ready for a break out year.  Some thought his injury would hurt the Giants but they’ve gotten even better and other guys have picked up the slack.

If the Giants continue like this they can take advantage of a weak NFC East.  The Cowboys (1-3) are playing like the Cowboys: they pile up stats but lose games.   And the Giants (3-2) are tied with both the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles for first place.  They have the Detroit Lions next and you know what the game plan will be:  pressure, pressure, pressure.

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Yankees pound Twins, Advance to ALCS

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, that was easy.

The Yankees pounded on the Minnesota Twins on Saturday to win Game 3 of the ALDS and swept the Twins for the second year in a row.  The story of the game was Phil Hughes and his dominating fastball that the Twins hitters couldn’t touch.

After all the talk about the Yankees rotation and the unknown of what would happen after C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes both showed they’re up for the task.

Pettitte did what he always has and that’s win a playoff game.  He bent once again, and didn’t break.  As for Hughes, there were more questions surrounding his start because it was his first post season star of his career.  Hughes answered all the questions by out pitching both Pettitte, and Sabathia.

Now the questions will be can the Yankees rotation do it again?  Sabathia gave up three earned runs and wasn’t sharp after seven days rest but Sabathia should pitch better than his first start of the playoffs and Pettitte will pitch like he always does.  If Hughes can pitch like he did Saturday then the Yankees will have the advantage over the Rays or Rangers, depending on who wins that series.

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TBS Needs to get rid of K-Zone

Major League Baseball had a good week of playoff baseball and the only thing they should be concerned about is the Yankees and Rangers may sweep their opponents, which baseball doesn’t like to see.

So far we’ve had a no-hitter thrown by Roy Halladay – the first since Don Larsen’s perfect game- and a 14-strikeout performance by Tim Lincecum of the Giants, which may have been more impressive then Halladay’s no-hitter.  There hasn’t been any great ninth inning or extra inning victories but a couple of Yankees comebacks against the Twins have been exciting.

The bad, well, ugly for baseball has been TBS.  Can somebody please tell TBS to get rid of that strike zone that they display when you watch the game on high definition.  For those who haven’t noticed: with every pitch of the game there is a strike zone on the side of the broadcast that displays balls and strikes.  It is annoying and distracting and takes away from the game.

This reminds me of the Presidential debates in 2008, when you  would watch in high definition and they would show what amounted to a points tracker.  If I wanted to watch a game like that, I’d watch it on the computer.  If TBS really wants to get into baseball they need to reconsider this k-zone, because it takes away from the game.  Baseball has a certain beauty that  other sports don’t have, so please TBS get rid of the strike zone.

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NFL News

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Another Houston Texan was suspended for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy and there is outrage amongst NFL fans.  Actually, never mind.  Unlike baseball, fans and the media don’t care when a football player test positive for steroids or any other performance enhancing drug.  It’s sad but true.

This time it was Texans left tackle Duane Brown. The Texans first-round draft pick in 2008 will be suspended for 4-games and according to reports, he won’t contest the suspension.  His teammate,  last years defensive rookie of the year Brian Cushing, is now serving a suspension for the same infraction.  Cushing didn’t lose his rookie of the year award and eventually nobody will remember Brown and Cushing’s suspensions.

When a baseball player is under the steroid microscope everything goes nuclear.  People take apart the players stats, question how he got to point of his career in which he needed to take steroids, and then tell us that the player won’t ever make the Hall of Fame.  Maybe it would be different if a star quarterback or running back was suspended, but as of now, nobody cares and they never will.


Braylon Edwards told reporters: “There will be plenty of time to talk. I’ll address everybody.”  That’s great.  Maybe he can take some time out and learn about the cab service the Jets office for drunken players.

The most ridiculous part of this story is that the Jets won’t suspend Edwards for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.  GM Mike Tannenbaum told the Associated Press that Edwards will be active for Sunday’s game.  So nobody gets yelled at for eating McDonald’s and Jason Taylor never gets fined for being late all the time.  So why should they suspend Edwards for being drunk behind the wheel?  Classy.


Brandon Jacobs is upset and he know’s how to show it.

He throws helmets (he says on accident) into the stands, and then apologizes.  He cursed out a reporter, apologized, then cursed at reporter’s again.  Jacobs is really on the fast track to doing what he really loves and that’s boxing.

Jacobs lost his starting job in the preseason and now is letting everybody know about it.  The reason he didn’t get many carries on Sunday night was because the Giants’ had to pass because they were getting embarrassed and because he decided to do his best Ahmad Bradshaw imitation, but instead he was tackled for a loss.

Someone give Jacobs a compass and white out “E” and “W”.  Just hope he doesn’t go South.

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Braylon Edwards Arrested for DWI

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Braylon Edwards was arrested early Tuesday morning for drunken driving after a night out partying in Manhattan.  The Jets wide receiver reportedly blew a .16, double the legal limit.

Edwards must have not been at the meeting when the Jets told the team that they have the Player Protect Program, which is designed to help out the players when they’re in a situation that Edwards found himself in.

What doesn’t make sense is why athletes can’t just leave their cars home.  Nobody is saying they can’t go out and party, because anyone of us would do the same thing if we made the money they did.

Is a $90 taxi tab too much for them to pick up?  Probably not.

Edwards could have notified the Jets, or anybody that oversees the Player Protect Program and they would’ve sent him a Hummer Limo if he wanted to drive around in fashion, instead of whistling down a yellow cab.

The Jets knew what they were getting when they traded for Edwards.  He never lived up to his potential in Cleveland, and is more famous for fighting Lebron James’ friend in a club, and his outrageous beard instead of anything he’s done on the football field.

Tannenbaum brought over Edwards to give Mark Sanchez a dependable wide receiver for years to come.  Unfortunately for the Jets, he has been less than that.  He rarely gets in the end zone, and when he did twice (once on a two-point conversion) on Sunday, he decided to dance around and celebrate because he’s rarely scoring six for his team.

If the NFL doesn’t suspend Edwards, then the Jets must do it.  A fine is not enough.  They need to send a message.  Suspend him for this week’s game and teach him the best way to chase down a cab, or dial a phone for a ride.

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Report: Broncos McKinley Found Dead

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Some quick NFL news on a Monday night.

It has been reported that Denver Broncos WR Kenny McKinley was found dead in Arapahoe County, Colo.  McKinley was drafted in 2009 and was a star for South Carolina.

The police told The Denver Post that it was “apparently a suicide.”

Michael Vick, who has had two terrific games for the Philadelphia Eagles told ESPN that he’s OK with being Kevin Kolb’s back up for the remainder of the season.

It was a tough decision for Andy Reid because of the way Vick has played in the first two games of the early season.  Vick came in for Kolb against the Packers in Week 1 and showed off his arm against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Reid has maintained that Kolb will be the starting quarterback after suffering a concussion against the Packers.

Darrelle Revis had an MRI on Monday but said he still expects to play Sunday night against the Dolphins.

Reggie Bush’s tumultuous beginning to his season just got harder.  After a week of answer questions about surrendering his Heisman Trophy, he was taken out of the Monday night’s game with an apparent leg injury.

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