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Jets fined 100K for Sal Alosi trip

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Jets tripping incident

The New York Jets may have reached the playoffs but they’re still not done hearing from the NFL concerning their behavior. The NFL fined the Jets $100,000 according to multiple reports, for the incident in which strength coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll during a punt.

The Jets have had a number of incidents to worry about during their 2010 campaign, and they are paying big time for this one. The league also criticized special teams coach Mike Westhoff for his comments after the incident when he tried to explain that the New England Patriots have done the same thing during punts.

The “wall” that was created by Alosi and inactive Jets players was caught on tape immediately when it happened and he was fined by the Jets a couple of days later. Though that wasn’t the end of it because Alosi was suspended indefinitely after the Jets concluded that the “wall” was intentional.

What the Jets need to do now is put all this behind them. There’s no more time for ridiculous behavior by the team, and Rex Ryan’s alleged foot fetish’s. They can no longer act immature, and from now on the Jets need to take their jobs more serious.

There was one incident after another for the Jets:

Alleged harassment of female reporter Ines Sainz.

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

Braylon Edwards DWI.

Brett Favre’s alleged sexual harassment of Jen Sterger in 2008, his only year with the Jets.

Sal Alosi tripping incident.

Rex Ryan’s apparent love for feet that was posted on

The Jets need to have a zero tolerance policy, which needs to start now. No more childish acts, just football.  Many might say this is due to Rex Ryan’s relaxed attitude when it comes to his team.  It seems like he rather be loved by his player than even feared just a little bit.  This all starts with Ryan and ends with him.  Enough is enough.


Vince Lombardi on HBO is a true American story

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Vince LombardiFor those who haven’t seen Lombardi on HBO yet, you need to check it out.  It’s not only for football fans and sports fans in general, but it’s a story of a great American who gave his life to the game.

I’ve been dying to check out the documentary and I was flipping through the guide and I finally saw it.  How lucky was I.

The documentary takes us through the beginning of Vince Lombardi’s coaching career and we learn about the man who inspired a team, a town and a country.

Lombardi was a tough man.  He loved football, religion and family, and as HBO put’s it: we’ll never know in which order.  He worked excruciating hours probably because he was asking so much out of his own players.

His players adored him like a father.  They would go to battle with this man no matter what the cost.  Lombardi, was tough, but he was a true players coach because none of them would be the players they were without him at the helm.

Lombardi was so tough that he even surprised the players when they saw him at Church, where he went 365 days of the year.  He relied heavily on his faith, and he said he thought through every decision with his faith in mind.

He did have his faults though.  His devotion to the Green Bay Packers and football was so strong that his family seemed to get the leftovers after his tough days on the job.  It’s sad, and I’m just speaking out of what I watched, but some of his players seemed to have a better relationship with their coach than his children had with their father.

But Lombardi was loved.

When the first Superbowl came along, he received a letter from Wellington Mara, the Giants owner, that  said he wouldn’t want anybody else representing the NFL more than him.  It truly was like a President, selecting his best general to go into War.

Lombardi’s story isn’t just a football story.  His story is one of a great American who transcended football.

Check it out on HBO.  Because like his players, you wish you had more time with Lombardi.

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Favre to be fined, not suspended

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment
Brett Favre

Brett Favre may be fined, not suspended because of Sterger accusations

According to multiple reports it looks like the NFL won’t embarrass Brett Favre and suspend him for what looks to be his final game in the NFL.

Both Jay Glazer of FOX and Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Favre will only be fined, and not suspended by the league because of accusations by former Jets employee Jen Sterger that Favre sent pictures of his man parts to her in his only season with the New York Jets.

This isn’t surprising in the least.  The news of Favre sending semi-nude photos to Sterger was broken by earlier in the season, and since nothing happened immediately it looked like Favre was going to get off easy.  Also, for the NFL to do this at the end of the season looks a little suspicious.  But  that’s as far as I’m going to go with the conspiracy theory angle.

A suspension earlier in the season by the league, and the NFL detective/Commissioner Roger Goodell would’ve been the topping on the cake for most Favre haters, but now he’ll be able to leave the game quietly, well as quietly as Brett Favre can.  Now, fining him at the end of the season lessens the hit on Favre and if he’s healthy enough it looks like he’ll play his final game of his career this Sunday at Detroit.

Favre can now just concentrate on his last game, if he’s healthy enough to play after suffering a concussion two weeks ago in a 40-14 loss to the Chicago Bears.

After what third-string quarterback Joe Webb did Tuesday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, some may argue that Webb should play to gain more experience for next season.  But really, what’s one game?  One game against the Lions won’t help him improve mightily or even bring him back to earth after a good game against the Eagles.  I say, let Favre play if he’s healthy and we won’t ever have to see him again, until he’s crying at the podium of course.

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Brady should get MVP over Vick

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The Eagles’ loss in Tuesday Night Football on NBC gave us two clear answers: the Eagles won’t have a first-round bye in the playoffs and will most likely face the number six seed, and Michael Vick lost out his chance to surpass Tom Brady as the league MVP.

Of course, many thought Tom Brady was the MVP even before Tuesday night’s game that saw Vikings third string quarterback, Joe Webb, defeat Vick and the Eagles 24-14.  Brady has a had tremendous season, with less talent around him.  He is unlike any quarterback in the game because he acts like a point guard, and makes everybody else around him better.

Brady might even be more impressive this season than in 2007 when he threw for 50 TD’s and had a passer rating of 117.2.  He’s made Deion Branch look like a Superbowl MVP again, and does a great job of spreading the ball around.  Brady’s 34 TD’s is very impressive, but even more unbelievable is his four interceptions on the season, which will be a career best unless something goes terribly wrong next week.  In 2007 he only had 8 interceptions on the season.

Vick’s story has been a great one for the league.  You’ve heard it, so I won’t go through it all, but his comeback has been impressive, and it only leaves us wondering what if…

Vick has limited his turnovers like Brady, with only 6 INT’s to go along with 21 TD’s, but he has played in three fewer games than Brady, and you don’t get MVP’s when you’re not playing every game, especially at quarterback, sorry Channing Crowder.

The other main point that cements the idea that Brady is the league MVP, is that the Patriots would fall apart if Brady wasn’t playing, but the Eagles with Kevin Kolb, would probably still be in the playoff hunt.

Are you going to tell me that Brady is a product of the system because of the way Matt Cassel played in 2008 when he was injured?  Well, moot point.  Cassel is tearing it up with the Chiefs now, so maybe he’s just a good quarterback and it’s not entirely the system.

This has nothing to do with Vick’s past transgressions.  This is mainly football, and Brady was the better football player this year.

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Giants D-line heating up

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Justin TuckThe New York Giants are back to playing the kind of football that has made them a successful franchise for decades.  The Giants defense is starting to dominate again and it all starts with the defensive line.

The front offices philosophy for years has been to go after defensive lineman in the draft, and they have sometimes been criticized for taking too many lineman.

It’s safe to say that the Giants D-Line has turned the season around.  They ran through the Chicago Bears offensive line and knocked out two of the Bears three quaterbacks.  Jay Cutler suffered a concussion and was unable to play on Sunday.  Nobody is rooting for a concussion but the giants are aggressive once again, and that is important.

With the defensive line creating pressure it allows the Giants to keep the linebackers in coverage because they don’t have to blitz, and it’s harder for receivers to get open.  Also, in the last two games the Giants have done a great job in stuffing the run, which then has led teams to long passing downs.

The one man who has already put 2009 in the rear view is Osi Umenyiora.  He has 6 sacks so for on the season, and even more incredible are his 5 forced fumbles.  He has been going after the football and that puts more pressure on quaterbacks more than thinking about getting hit.  They don’t want the ball out there for Umenyiora to knock down so they have to be aware of being careful with the ball while looking for a receiver to get open.

On the other side of the line, Justin Tuck has done a great job of stuffing the run, along with his 4 sacks on the season (3 coming against the Bears) he has 32 tackles.  He said before the game against the Texans that he was going to concentrate on stopping the run and worry about sacks later, and that’s exactly what he did.  Sometimes we look at sacks to analyze a defensive ends play, but stopping the run is equally important, just ask Michael Strahan.

It’s interesting that the line has dominated since Mathias Kiwanuka has been out with an injury.  He was leading the team with 4 sacks and it looked like he was ready for a break out year.  Some thought his injury would hurt the Giants but they’ve gotten even better and other guys have picked up the slack.

If the Giants continue like this they can take advantage of a weak NFC East.  The Cowboys (1-3) are playing like the Cowboys: they pile up stats but lose games.   And the Giants (3-2) are tied with both the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles for first place.  They have the Detroit Lions next and you know what the game plan will be:  pressure, pressure, pressure.

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Report: Broncos McKinley Found Dead

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Some quick NFL news on a Monday night.

It has been reported that Denver Broncos WR Kenny McKinley was found dead in Arapahoe County, Colo.  McKinley was drafted in 2009 and was a star for South Carolina.

The police told The Denver Post that it was “apparently a suicide.”

Michael Vick, who has had two terrific games for the Philadelphia Eagles told ESPN that he’s OK with being Kevin Kolb’s back up for the remainder of the season.

It was a tough decision for Andy Reid because of the way Vick has played in the first two games of the early season.  Vick came in for Kolb against the Packers in Week 1 and showed off his arm against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Reid has maintained that Kolb will be the starting quarterback after suffering a concussion against the Packers.

Darrelle Revis had an MRI on Monday but said he still expects to play Sunday night against the Dolphins.

Reggie Bush’s tumultuous beginning to his season just got harder.  After a week of answer questions about surrendering his Heisman Trophy, he was taken out of the Monday night’s game with an apparent leg injury.

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What is Revis to do?

August 4, 2010 1 comment

The Darrelle Revis story kicked off the NFL training camp season then everything came back to normal because there were rumors that Brett Favre is retiring from the game of football.

Before the Favre story came along and held the sports world hostage for another day (once again), Revis was the big story in football.  The games best corner back is holding out and is looking to be paid what he thinks he’s worth.

First off, Revis is right in wanting the most money of any corner back because Rex Ryan and his big mouth couldn’t stop talking about his great corner all of last season.  Jets management should have put a steak in his mouth and let him chew on that because he’s hurt the Jets in the business side of things.

What Revis needs to understand though is that Al Davis and the ridiculous contract he gave to Nnamdi Asomugha was absurd.  The rest of the owners probably wanted to knock the old man off his rocker.  Now Revis thinks he deserves that money but the Jets need to hold their ground.

They can still give Revis a good amount of dough with a big signing bonus and then give him about 12 million a year over the next four seasons.  That sounds fair.

What we’ve seen from Revis though, is that he will stop at nothing until he’s paid like the best corner in football.  Rex Ryan again couldn’t contain himself when he reportedly said that Revis would still start even if he signed the day before the season began.

So what is Revis supposed to think?  If he has been told over and over that he’s the best corner in football then of course he’s going to want to be paid like one.

And if he’s told that he’s going to start even if he holds out until September, then he’s just going to sit out training camp and then strap up when the Jets finally give in.

This is tough for the Jets, whose defense relies on great corner back play due to their aggressive blitz packages.  The Jets put themselves in a tough stop and it’s hard to believe they’ll give in for long.  But if they do, they did the right thing.  Mainly because Al Davis gave out a bone headed contract.

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