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Jets fined 100K for Sal Alosi trip

Jets tripping incident

The New York Jets may have reached the playoffs but they’re still not done hearing from the NFL concerning their behavior. The NFL fined the Jets $100,000 according to multiple reports, for the incident in which strength coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll during a punt.

The Jets have had a number of incidents to worry about during their 2010 campaign, and they are paying big time for this one. The league also criticized special teams coach Mike Westhoff for his comments after the incident when he tried to explain that the New England Patriots have done the same thing during punts.

The “wall” that was created by Alosi and inactive Jets players was caught on tape immediately when it happened and he was fined by the Jets a couple of days later. Though that wasn’t the end of it because Alosi was suspended indefinitely after the Jets concluded that the “wall” was intentional.

What the Jets need to do now is put all this behind them. There’s no more time for ridiculous behavior by the team, and Rex Ryan’s alleged foot fetish’s. They can no longer act immature, and from now on the Jets need to take their jobs more serious.

There was one incident after another for the Jets:

Alleged harassment of female reporter Ines Sainz.

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

Braylon Edwards DWI.

Brett Favre’s alleged sexual harassment of Jen Sterger in 2008, his only year with the Jets.

Sal Alosi tripping incident.

Rex Ryan’s apparent love for feet that was posted on deadspin.com.

The Jets need to have a zero tolerance policy, which needs to start now. No more childish acts, just football.  Many might say this is due to Rex Ryan’s relaxed attitude when it comes to his team.  It seems like he rather be loved by his player than even feared just a little bit.  This all starts with Ryan and ends with him.  Enough is enough.

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