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Vince Lombardi on HBO is a true American story

Vince LombardiFor those who haven’t seen Lombardi on HBO yet, you need to check it out.  It’s not only for football fans and sports fans in general, but it’s a story of a great American who gave his life to the game.

I’ve been dying to check out the documentary and I was flipping through the guide and I finally saw it.  How lucky was I.

The documentary takes us through the beginning of Vince Lombardi’s coaching career and we learn about the man who inspired a team, a town and a country.

Lombardi was a tough man.  He loved football, religion and family, and as HBO put’s it: we’ll never know in which order.  He worked excruciating hours probably because he was asking so much out of his own players.

His players adored him like a father.  They would go to battle with this man no matter what the cost.  Lombardi, was tough, but he was a true players coach because none of them would be the players they were without him at the helm.

Lombardi was so tough that he even surprised the players when they saw him at Church, where he went 365 days of the year.  He relied heavily on his faith, and he said he thought through every decision with his faith in mind.

He did have his faults though.  His devotion to the Green Bay Packers and football was so strong that his family seemed to get the leftovers after his tough days on the job.  It’s sad, and I’m just speaking out of what I watched, but some of his players seemed to have a better relationship with their coach than his children had with their father.

But Lombardi was loved.

When the first Superbowl came along, he received a letter from Wellington Mara, the Giants owner, that  said he wouldn’t want anybody else representing the NFL more than him.  It truly was like a President, selecting his best general to go into War.

Lombardi’s story isn’t just a football story.  His story is one of a great American who transcended football.

Check it out on HBO.  Because like his players, you wish you had more time with Lombardi.

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