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Miami Heat on a roll

Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh are on a roll since starting the season 9-8

The Miami Heat are beginning to dominate the NBA and it looks like  most people were wrong when they thought the Heat couldn’t come together this quick.

Do they look like a championship contender?  Yes.

At the beginning of the season when the Heat were 9-8 and LeBron James bumped into coach Erik Spoelstra by accident (so he says) the NBA commentators were having a field day.

They said:

James, Bosh and Wade can’t come together.

There’s not enough depth on the bench.

Who will contribute other than the big three?

And whose team is it?

Well, everything changed when James and the gang brought their talents to Cleveland, into a hostile environment to play James’ old team.  The team seemed to come together that night when they whooped the Cavaliers and left their fans to suffer even more.  Ever since then the Heat have won 13 out of 14, including a dominating game over the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center.

James and Wade now seem to know when it’s time to take over at different times in the game, and Bosh can just wait and let the game come to him.  James has probably been the biggest reason for the turnaround even though he hasn’t been scoring the way Wade has.  James is so unselfish (on the basketball court) that he’s great at feeding his teammates and giving the ball to the guy that is hot.  And when he wants to take over, he can.

NBA commentators didn’t want to pick the Heat because they thought a team filled with all-stars wouldn’t be able to coexist.  Well, it looks like that idea was gone as fast as the Heat tore the hearts out of Cavs fans in early December.

Defensively, they are the best in the league.  And they have two guys that can take over at any point in the game.  The Boston Celtics might still be their hardest competition in the Eastern Conference, but it seems like many people took the Heat lightly.  They’re on a roll and with the way they play defense, it looks like they actually have a shot to win a title in their first year together.

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