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Favre to be fined, not suspended

Brett Favre

Brett Favre may be fined, not suspended because of Sterger accusations

According to multiple reports it looks like the NFL won’t embarrass Brett Favre and suspend him for what looks to be his final game in the NFL.

Both Jay Glazer of FOX and Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Favre will only be fined, and not suspended by the league because of accusations by former Jets employee Jen Sterger that Favre sent pictures of his man parts to her in his only season with the New York Jets.

This isn’t surprising in the least.  The news of Favre sending semi-nude photos to Sterger was broken by deadspin.com earlier in the season, and since nothing happened immediately it looked like Favre was going to get off easy.  Also, for the NFL to do this at the end of the season looks a little suspicious.  But  that’s as far as I’m going to go with the conspiracy theory angle.

A suspension earlier in the season by the league, and the NFL detective/Commissioner Roger Goodell would’ve been the topping on the cake for most Favre haters, but now he’ll be able to leave the game quietly, well as quietly as Brett Favre can.  Now, fining him at the end of the season lessens the hit on Favre and if he’s healthy enough it looks like he’ll play his final game of his career this Sunday at Detroit.

Favre can now just concentrate on his last game, if he’s healthy enough to play after suffering a concussion two weeks ago in a 40-14 loss to the Chicago Bears.

After what third-string quarterback Joe Webb did Tuesday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, some may argue that Webb should play to gain more experience for next season.  But really, what’s one game?  One game against the Lions won’t help him improve mightily or even bring him back to earth after a good game against the Eagles.  I say, let Favre play if he’s healthy and we won’t ever have to see him again, until he’s crying at the podium of course.

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