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Brady should get MVP over Vick

The Eagles’ loss in Tuesday Night Football on NBC gave us two clear answers: the Eagles won’t have a first-round bye in the playoffs and will most likely face the number six seed, and Michael Vick lost out his chance to surpass Tom Brady as the league MVP.

Of course, many thought Tom Brady was the MVP even before Tuesday night’s game that saw Vikings third string quarterback, Joe Webb, defeat Vick and the Eagles 24-14.  Brady has a had tremendous season, with less talent around him.  He is unlike any quarterback in the game because he acts like a point guard, and makes everybody else around him better.

Brady might even be more impressive this season than in 2007 when he threw for 50 TD’s and had a passer rating of 117.2.  He’s made Deion Branch look like a Superbowl MVP again, and does a great job of spreading the ball around.  Brady’s 34 TD’s is very impressive, but even more unbelievable is his four interceptions on the season, which will be a career best unless something goes terribly wrong next week.  In 2007 he only had 8 interceptions on the season.

Vick’s story has been a great one for the league.  You’ve heard it, so I won’t go through it all, but his comeback has been impressive, and it only leaves us wondering what if…

Vick has limited his turnovers like Brady, with only 6 INT’s to go along with 21 TD’s, but he has played in three fewer games than Brady, and you don’t get MVP’s when you’re not playing every game, especially at quarterback, sorry Channing Crowder.

The other main point that cements the idea that Brady is the league MVP, is that the Patriots would fall apart if Brady wasn’t playing, but the Eagles with Kevin Kolb, would probably still be in the playoff hunt.

Are you going to tell me that Brady is a product of the system because of the way Matt Cassel played in 2008 when he was injured?  Well, moot point.  Cassel is tearing it up with the Chiefs now, so maybe he’s just a good quarterback and it’s not entirely the system.

This has nothing to do with Vick’s past transgressions.  This is mainly football, and Brady was the better football player this year.

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