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Giants playoff chances

The New York Giants actually have a chance to make the playoffs, but that looks more impossible than Joe Webb beating the Eagles, and the NFL playing a Tuesday night game.  Oh, wait..

With the Favreless Vikings riding the legs and arm of  Joe Webb, the Eagles are pretty much locked in as the three seed in the playoffs with the Bears playing as the two seed, even if they lose to the Packers.

Speaking of the Packers, they defeated the Giants so handedly that it’s pretty hard to see the Packers losing against the Bears on Sunday.  But you never know in the NFL, in a league where a third string QB beats one of the best teams in football.

Now, back to the Giants and they’re litany of problems.   The G-Men don’t deserve to make the Playoffs, with the way they’re playing.  Too me, whenever you need help to get pushed into the Playoffs, like a lineman pushing a running back into the endzone, you don’t deserve to compete against the best.  It’s even worse when a team is flopping their way into the Playoffs, like the Giants are trying to do.

Sure, the Giants have a lot to play for: their pride, coach, and with hopes of the Bears playing all their starters in a divisional game, against their most hated rival.  The only thing the Giants can do is take care of their business, which they couldn’t do when they inexplicably lost a 21-point lead with 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter against the Eagles, and got picked apart by Pro Bowl snub Aaron Rodgers.

If they win, and the Packers lose, they’re in.  But that doesn’t mean they deserve it.

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