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Giants D-line heating up

Justin TuckThe New York Giants are back to playing the kind of football that has made them a successful franchise for decades.  The Giants defense is starting to dominate again and it all starts with the defensive line.

The front offices philosophy for years has been to go after defensive lineman in the draft, and they have sometimes been criticized for taking too many lineman.

It’s safe to say that the Giants D-Line has turned the season around.  They ran through the Chicago Bears offensive line and knocked out two of the Bears three quaterbacks.  Jay Cutler suffered a concussion and was unable to play on Sunday.  Nobody is rooting for a concussion but the giants are aggressive once again, and that is important.

With the defensive line creating pressure it allows the Giants to keep the linebackers in coverage because they don’t have to blitz, and it’s harder for receivers to get open.  Also, in the last two games the Giants have done a great job in stuffing the run, which then has led teams to long passing downs.

The one man who has already put 2009 in the rear view is Osi Umenyiora.  He has 6 sacks so for on the season, and even more incredible are his 5 forced fumbles.  He has been going after the football and that puts more pressure on quaterbacks more than thinking about getting hit.  They don’t want the ball out there for Umenyiora to knock down so they have to be aware of being careful with the ball while looking for a receiver to get open.

On the other side of the line, Justin Tuck has done a great job of stuffing the run, along with his 4 sacks on the season (3 coming against the Bears) he has 32 tackles.  He said before the game against the Texans that he was going to concentrate on stopping the run and worry about sacks later, and that’s exactly what he did.  Sometimes we look at sacks to analyze a defensive ends play, but stopping the run is equally important, just ask Michael Strahan.

It’s interesting that the line has dominated since Mathias Kiwanuka has been out with an injury.  He was leading the team with 4 sacks and it looked like he was ready for a break out year.  Some thought his injury would hurt the Giants but they’ve gotten even better and other guys have picked up the slack.

If the Giants continue like this they can take advantage of a weak NFC East.  The Cowboys (1-3) are playing like the Cowboys: they pile up stats but lose games.   And the Giants (3-2) are tied with both the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles for first place.  They have the Detroit Lions next and you know what the game plan will be:  pressure, pressure, pressure.

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