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TBS Needs to get rid of K-Zone

Major League Baseball had a good week of playoff baseball and the only thing they should be concerned about is the Yankees and Rangers may sweep their opponents, which baseball doesn’t like to see.

So far we’ve had a no-hitter thrown by Roy Halladay – the first since Don Larsen’s perfect game- and a 14-strikeout performance by Tim Lincecum of the Giants, which may have been more impressive then Halladay’s no-hitter.  There hasn’t been any great ninth inning or extra inning victories but a couple of Yankees comebacks against the Twins have been exciting.

The bad, well, ugly for baseball has been TBS.  Can somebody please tell TBS to get rid of that strike zone that they display when you watch the game on high definition.  For those who haven’t noticed: with every pitch of the game there is a strike zone on the side of the broadcast that displays balls and strikes.  It is annoying and distracting and takes away from the game.

This reminds me of the Presidential debates in 2008, when you  would watch in high definition and they would show what amounted to a points tracker.  If I wanted to watch a game like that, I’d watch it on the computer.  If TBS really wants to get into baseball they need to reconsider this k-zone, because it takes away from the game.  Baseball has a certain beauty that  other sports don’t have, so please TBS get rid of the strike zone.

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