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Another Houston Texan was suspended for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy and there is outrage amongst NFL fans.  Actually, never mind.  Unlike baseball, fans and the media don’t care when a football player test positive for steroids or any other performance enhancing drug.  It’s sad but true.

This time it was Texans left tackle Duane Brown. The Texans first-round draft pick in 2008 will be suspended for 4-games and according to reports, he won’t contest the suspension.  His teammate,  last years defensive rookie of the year Brian Cushing, is now serving a suspension for the same infraction.  Cushing didn’t lose his rookie of the year award and eventually nobody will remember Brown and Cushing’s suspensions.

When a baseball player is under the steroid microscope everything goes nuclear.  People take apart the players stats, question how he got to point of his career in which he needed to take steroids, and then tell us that the player won’t ever make the Hall of Fame.  Maybe it would be different if a star quarterback or running back was suspended, but as of now, nobody cares and they never will.


Braylon Edwards told reporters: “There will be plenty of time to talk. I’ll address everybody.”  That’s great.  Maybe he can take some time out and learn about the cab service the Jets office for drunken players.

The most ridiculous part of this story is that the Jets won’t suspend Edwards for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.  GM Mike Tannenbaum told the Associated Press that Edwards will be active for Sunday’s game.  So nobody gets yelled at for eating McDonald’s and Jason Taylor never gets fined for being late all the time.  So why should they suspend Edwards for being drunk behind the wheel?  Classy.


Brandon Jacobs is upset and he know’s how to show it.

He throws helmets (he says on accident) into the stands, and then apologizes.  He cursed out a reporter, apologized, then cursed at reporter’s again.  Jacobs is really on the fast track to doing what he really loves and that’s boxing.

Jacobs lost his starting job in the preseason and now is letting everybody know about it.  The reason he didn’t get many carries on Sunday night was because the Giants’ had to pass because they were getting embarrassed and because he decided to do his best Ahmad Bradshaw imitation, but instead he was tackled for a loss.

Someone give Jacobs a compass and white out “E” and “W”.  Just hope he doesn’t go South.

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