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Braylon Edwards Arrested for DWI

Braylon Edwards was arrested early Tuesday morning for drunken driving after a night out partying in Manhattan.  The Jets wide receiver reportedly blew a .16, double the legal limit.

Edwards must have not been at the meeting when the Jets told the team that they have the Player Protect Program, which is designed to help out the players when they’re in a situation that Edwards found himself in.

What doesn’t make sense is why athletes can’t just leave their cars home.  Nobody is saying they can’t go out and party, because anyone of us would do the same thing if we made the money they did.

Is a $90 taxi tab too much for them to pick up?  Probably not.

Edwards could have notified the Jets, or anybody that oversees the Player Protect Program and they would’ve sent him a Hummer Limo if he wanted to drive around in fashion, instead of whistling down a yellow cab.

The Jets knew what they were getting when they traded for Edwards.  He never lived up to his potential in Cleveland, and is more famous for fighting Lebron James’ friend in a club, and his outrageous beard instead of anything he’s done on the football field.

Tannenbaum brought over Edwards to give Mark Sanchez a dependable wide receiver for years to come.  Unfortunately for the Jets, he has been less than that.  He rarely gets in the end zone, and when he did twice (once on a two-point conversion) on Sunday, he decided to dance around and celebrate because he’s rarely scoring six for his team.

If the NFL doesn’t suspend Edwards, then the Jets must do it.  A fine is not enough.  They need to send a message.  Suspend him for this week’s game and teach him the best way to chase down a cab, or dial a phone for a ride.

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