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YES Gush Over Torre Invite Same Day Celebrate “The Boss”

The Yankees on Monday honored the life of their former owner, George Steinbrenner with the unveiling of an enormous monument that shines above the rest.

It was a classy move by the Yankees but the more intriguing story surrounds Joe Torre and how Michael Kay and John Flaherty gushed over the Yankees organization inviting Torre and Don Mattingly to the new Yankee Stadium for the first time.

During the broadcast Kay and Flaherty talked about the great years Joe Torre had with the Yankees, and even showed a snip of the press conference he had with the New York media prior to the game.

Flaherty called the invitation by the Yankees, “A big league move.”  And Kay continued on by gushing about what a great move it was by the Yankees.

The YES Network can control what the Yankees broadcasters say all they want, but the fans and media won’t forget what happened when the Yankees played the Los Angeles Dodgers earlier in the year and barely anything was mentioned about Torre’s 11-year run with the Yankees.

Halfway through that game, YES put up a bio of Torre’s years and that was about it.  When the camera panned to Don Mattingly, Kay and the rest of the boys in the booth gushed over number 23 as if they were on their hands and knees.  It was embarrassing for the organization, especially because of the way they were trying to keep the Torre story under wraps.

Now, get in your time capsule and fast forward to Sept. 20 and the broadcast duo was finally talking about Torre.

They talked about his career.  Made some good points.  But then we realized what the real message was.  The Yankees wanted everybody to know they invited the Torre and Mattingly duo so bad that Kay and Flaherty must have said it five times in a two-minute span.

The YES Network may think they’re fooling us, but they’re not.  It was evident when the Yankees played the Dodgers that they didn’t want the Torre story to become bigger then the game itself.  But they didn’t mind making it a big deal that they sent out an invitation to the Steinbrenner celebration.

On a night when they showed a tremendous amount of class in a wonderful ceremony for their beloved owner, the Yankees also show you how they have the power to control the noise that travels through their air waves.

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