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Thomas Will Be Back Soon Enough

Don’t jump for joy yet Knicks fans.  Yes, Isiah has declined the Knicks offer to be a consultant but that doesn’t mean James Dolan will do everything in his power to bring Thomas back as the General manager the second Thomas says he doesn’t want to coach college ball anymore.

The worst executive in sports history is still great friends with Dolan and for some weird reason he thinks Thomas is a good basketball mind.  Hey Dolan, Isiah was a great basketball player, yeah even top 50, but he’s terrible at running a team.

When the Knicks got word that Thomas declined the offer because it would not be good for the NBA and  the NCAA to have a coach also consulting a pro team, Dolan still had great things to say about his best friend.  Thomas can do no wrong in Dolan’s eyes.

The question on everybody’s mind is why does Dolan hold Isiah at such high regard?  Dolan will never say it.  When was the last time you saw him give an interview on TV or in the newspaper?  Exactly…

Although Zeeke won’t be with the Knicks in the near future, I’m sure he will eventually get his old job back and screw up the Knicks once again, while making other teams better.

While with the Knicks, they never won a playoff game, attendance dropped, and the Knicks lost two lottery picks because Thomas thought it was smart to trade for an overweight center with a heart condition.

On the bright side for other NBA teams, he helped out a lot.  Let’s take four teams:  Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Portland Trailblazers and Chicago Bulls.

The Suns found a taker for Stephon Marbury and Penny Hardaway.  What happened next?  The suns had enough money to get Steve Nash who went on to win two MVP’s with the Suns.

The Magic saw how great Thomas was at making bad trades so they offered them Steve Francis and his contract, and the Magic are now one of the best teams in the NBA.

The Blazers.  Remember that guy Zach Randolph?  Well, Zeeke was dreaming one night and saw Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph sitting at a McDonald’s one day and said, “wow those two can play great together in the front court.”  Well, I don’t know if he really had that dream, but the Knicks acquired Randolph to make the worst low post duo in basketball.

And finally, the Bulls.  Isiah thought he can get a talented center, who never worked out in a day in his life, and had a heart problem.  So he grabbed two first round picks from his bag of tricks and sent them to the Bulls for fat man Eddy Curry.

Those are just a couple of moves that Dolan thought were so great.  Now it is apparent that the Cablevision Czar wants more of that.  Sorry Knicks fans.  The pain will never end.

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