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Yankees Lose hold of First Place

Tampa Bay grabbed sole possession of first place when they beat the Twins and the Yankees lost to the mediocre Toronto Blue Jays at home on Tuesday night.

For the Yankees it’s their third straight loss, and second to the Blue Jays.  Their offense is struggling and their are two reasons why.

1) The trades  Brian Cashman made for Austin Kearns and Lance Berkman brought a change to the lineup and shook things up a bit in the clubhouse.  People like to poo-poo chemistry in baseball but it does matter and everybody needs to adjust pretty quickly.

Joe Girardi is going to be flip-flopping the lineups basically everyday and people are going to have to suffer lesser roles in order for the team to succeed.  That means less at-bats for Jorge Posada because of his defensive struggles, and constant changing around of the batting order.

2) Alex Rodriguez’s chase for 600 is turning into a bigger distraction then anybody ever imagined.  He’s pressing and can’t seem to find a groove at the plate.

Now the story is on him even with the Yankees losing sole possession of first place and it has become irritating to watch.  You can’t even enjoy his at-bats because you can feel A-Rod pressing through the TV.

The sooner he hits the home run, the better.  It’s not his intention to create this gorilla on his back but he has since he can’t knock the ball out of the ballpark.  The other problem is that he’s struggling to even have good at-bats.  He failed to even get a hit again and is failing even worse then he used to in the post season.  It’s just 600, nobody cares because he juiced!  So get it over with already.

A-Rod is so confused that he missed the team picture before the game.  If this is the sign of the old A-Rod reappearing then the Yankees are in trouble.

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