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Will A-Rod be Honored as a Yankee Great?

Alex Rodriguez knocked number 600 out of the ball park to monument park.  It might be fitting because we can now debate if he’ll ever be admired and celebrated along with Ruth, Mantle, Berra and other Yankees greats when his career is long over.  Will steroids doom what was thought of to be a lock?  Will Alex Rodriguez ever be considered a Yankee great?

To me, the answer is yes, even though I wasn’t going crazy over his campaign for 600.  The reason I say this is that by the time he retires and has lived through his five years out of baseball when he can get selected into the baseball hall of fame, I think A-Rod will most likely be voted in, if not the first time, then the next.

The question will remain if the Yankees want to honor somebody who may become the home run king but was helped by the juice.

With his contract not expiring until 2017, his steroid confession will be nearly a decade old and the A-Rod might have more rings to add to his one from 2009.  Maybe the organization, writers, and fans will have soften up to him by then.

What will get A-Rod into monument park -where his ball landed- will be the rings more then the home run records and he’s in a good position to collect more championships on a great team.

Of course, there will be others beyond the center field wall before A-Rod.  Jeter, Rivera, Posada, and Bernie Williams should all go in first, which they will.  The man on the outside looking in may be Andy Pettitte since he spent some time in Houston and also played around with HGH while he was injured.

So will the Yankees honor a juicer?  It’s tricky.  But like I said it’ll be easier with more wins and rings.  And to me the more important number today is 67 -the number of wins the Yankees now have on the season- not 600, because the Yankees are now in a right race that will only heat up over the next few weeks.

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