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What is Revis to do?

The Darrelle Revis story kicked off the NFL training camp season then everything came back to normal because there were rumors that Brett Favre is retiring from the game of football.

Before the Favre story came along and held the sports world hostage for another day (once again), Revis was the big story in football.  The games best corner back is holding out and is looking to be paid what he thinks he’s worth.

First off, Revis is right in wanting the most money of any corner back because Rex Ryan and his big mouth couldn’t stop talking about his great corner all of last season.  Jets management should have put a steak in his mouth and let him chew on that because he’s hurt the Jets in the business side of things.

What Revis needs to understand though is that Al Davis and the ridiculous contract he gave to Nnamdi Asomugha was absurd.  The rest of the owners probably wanted to knock the old man off his rocker.  Now Revis thinks he deserves that money but the Jets need to hold their ground.

They can still give Revis a good amount of dough with a big signing bonus and then give him about 12 million a year over the next four seasons.  That sounds fair.

What we’ve seen from Revis though, is that he will stop at nothing until he’s paid like the best corner in football.  Rex Ryan again couldn’t contain himself when he reportedly said that Revis would still start even if he signed the day before the season began.

So what is Revis supposed to think?  If he has been told over and over that he’s the best corner in football then of course he’s going to want to be paid like one.

And if he’s told that he’s going to start even if he holds out until September, then he’s just going to sit out training camp and then strap up when the Jets finally give in.

This is tough for the Jets, whose defense relies on great corner back play due to their aggressive blitz packages.  The Jets put themselves in a tough stop and it’s hard to believe they’ll give in for long.  But if they do, they did the right thing.  Mainly because Al Davis gave out a bone headed contract.

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