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Burnett Meltdown and Swisher’s Big Night

Another A.J. Burnett blow up, and another big night for Nick Swisher.

The Yanks lost 8-6 on Monday to the Blue Jays after A.J. Burnett decided it was the best night for him to fall apart again, maybe hoping all Yankees fans would tear their hair out asking: Do we really have to watch this guy for another three years?

It looks that way and it’s something that the Yankees are just going to have to live with.

We will never understand why Burnett has to go through this at least twice a month, and even worse, a game in which the Yankees needed a win to hold off the Rays.

Now the Yankees and Rays are tied.  It wasn’t a good night for the Yankees especially since they had the opportunity to beat a bad team while the Rays are playing against the American Leagues hottest team, the Minnesota Twins.  They lost, Rays won, that simple and the Yankees need to turn things around.

On the bright side Nick Swisher is hitting on all cylinders and has been as important to the Yankees as Robinson Cano has.  Swisher hit two home runs Monday night, two impressive shots.  The first fell into the watered down monument park, and the other was crushed into the second deck in right field.

Speaking of home runs.  A-Rod and this 600 thing is getting ridiculous.  I’m starting to wonder how annoyed the umpires are getting, having to change balls everytime A-Rod gets up to bat so he can pop-out or strikeout.  Maybe A-Rod is waiting for the most dramatic moment, when the ball will eventually be marked 600 because it’s taking him so long to hit it, and then he’ll finally bash it out of the park.

If we want to keep looking for moral victories, Joba Chamberlain had another good performance out of the bullpen.  He was lighting up the gun and his slider was nasty.  His last two performances have been superb and maybe he’s finally ready to turn things around.

So for the Yankees, it was a disappointing night at the stadium.  But at least we have a pennant race to watch and enjoy and another Burnett meltdown to breakdown.

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